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COVID-19 vaccination

By vaccinating against COVID-19 we can move towards returning to the regular order of life. Vaccination in Estonia takes place according to the vaccination plan. In 2021, vaccination is free for everybody who lives in Estonia, including those who do not have health insurance. Vaccination is voluntary.



Information from other authorities.


You can find valid and official information regarding the Emergency Situation and the limitations and activities deriving from it, from the websites of Estonian state authorities. 

Webpages of governmental authorities will provide instructions and advice as well as frequently asked questions.




    Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

    The website provides information regarding border controls, health declarations at the border, public order and personal identification documents. Read more »

  • Estonian Rescue Board

    The website provides information about rescue board during the state of emergency. Loen lähemalt »

  • Defence Forces of Republic of Estonia

    The dedicated website of Estonian Defence Forces provides information how emergency situation influences conscripts, Defence Forces and Defence League. Read more »

  • Prisons

    The dedicated website of prisons provides information regarding additional restrictions and modifications during the emergency situation. Readmore »


Last updated: 23 September 2021