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Culture and events

Closure and reopening of cultural establishments

How long will the restrictions last?

On March 12, the Government announced the establishment of the emergency situation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Estonia. The emergency situation has been in force until the end of the day of May 17. The end of the emergency situation does not mean all restrictions will be lifted as of that date. After the end of the emergency situation, the health care emergency is still in force. Restrictions due to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus will be lifted gradually.

You can still enjoy culture when at home


It is possible to participate in many cultural events from a distance. See from the web page of the ministry of culture (LINK) what kind of opportunities the cultural institutions are offering.

Keep a distance when doing sports outdoors in the nature


Even though it is tougher for the virus to spread in fresh air, it is still not impossible. Avoid heavily populated places even when moving outside. A 2 metre distance must be kept with other people.

A library home service for the risk group


As it is recommended that the elderly population does not go to the library, you should find out whether the local library offers home service.


Cancelled events

Will events, for example, plays and concerts definitely be cancelled, or is it possible that they will be postponed?

This is something each organiser decides for themselves, according to their judgement and means. These organisations will be the ones to inform you of any changes to their schedules or programmes. This has also been done already and the public has been notified of changes. Keep an eye on the notifications that the organisers publish.

What is going to happen to tickets purchased from advance ticket sales?

According to the Ministry of Culture, the rights of the ticket holders, and the obligations of the organisers of the cancelled cultural event due to COVID-19 virus, must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is necessary to evaluate the content of the agreement concluded between the parties and the possibility of amending the agreement in order to find a mutually appropriate solution. Agencies and organisations organising events may offer, for example, gift cards or an event to take place at an alternative time, but if the ticket holder does not agree with the offer, they reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement and to get a refund for the tickets.

Due to the high number of cancelled events, please be patient during this process.




Water parks, spas


Is it possible to organise events this summer?

As of Friday, June 19, the government decided to replace the 2+2 rule with a requirement for dispersion. This means that people need to keep a safe distance from each other.

The requirement for dispersion replaces the current 2+2 rule everywhere in the public space. Instead, people must keep distance from other people during public events, public meetings, as well as at sports events, museums and exhibitions, etc.

The government also decided to restore the activities of nightclubs, water-pipe cafes, and adult clubs as of 1 July. They may open on condition that the owner ensures the sufficient dispersion of people, allowing for maximum 50 percent of the capacity of premises, and no more than 100 persons attending persons, and observance of disinfection requirements.

The order only concerns the easing of the 2+2 rule, all other requirements for the number of participants, use of the capacity of the premises, disinfectants and other requirements remain valid.



Last updated: 15 June 2020