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Education, culture and sports

To prevent spreading of the coronavirus, we need to avoid contact with each other. Due to the aforementioned, restrictions for public gatherings have been established. For the time being, all educational institutions (excl. kindergartens), cultural institutions and sports facilities have been closed.

In order to obtain everything foreseen by the curriculum without having to leave home, educational institutions have established remote ways of learning. It is of upmost importance that students also avoid meeting each other physically after the school day has ended.

Instead of visiting cultural institutions, leisure time can be spent outdoors, where spreading of the virus is limited. What we still always have to keep at the back of our minds is to practice social distancing, even while being outdoors.

Educational institutions have established remote learning


As of March 16th, all Estonian educational institutions (excl. kindergartens) have been closed down for studying. Remote ways of learning have been established and the aforementioned arrangements will remain so until further notice.

Cultural institutions have been closed and public gatherings prohibited


Until May 1st, museums and cinemas have been instructed to remain closed. All theatre shows, conferences, seminars and other public gatherings for similar purposes will be postponed..

Sports facilities have been closed


As of March 14th, sports arenas, -clubs, gyms, spas, swimming pools, water parks, day-cares and playrooms have been closed. Hotels and other accommodation providers have to shut down their own gyms, swimming pools, saunas and spas.


Information from other authorities.


You can find valid and official information regarding the Emergency Situation and the limitations and activities deriving from it, from the websites of Estonian state authorities.

Webpages of governmental authorities will provide instructions and advice as well as frequently asked questions.



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Last updated: 28 March 2020