Culture and entertainment

Go to the cinema, theatre, concert, museum, birthday party or any other event while healthy. If you are in a risk group, it is recommended to avoid participating in crowded events. If a COVID certificate is required to participate, prefer a digital certificate. Be prepared to also show your identification document so that the organiser could check the authenticity, validity and identity of the certificate.
Restrictions in force

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and getting infected, to protect the life and health of the people and to ensure the functioning of the society, it is necessary to follow the enacted restrictions and guidelines.

Restrictions in force
The meters of risk level

The main meters are the number on people infected with COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalised. The Government reviews the risk level once a week.

Instructions for how to behave at different risk levels

How to visit entertainment establishments and events safely?

  • Go to the theatre, cinema, museum, concert or any other event only when you are healthy.
  • If you notice disease symptoms (for instance, a fever, a dry cough, difficulties breathing) even right before the start of the event that you have a ticket for, contact the organisers immediately and ask for a possibility to change your ticket.
  • Wash your hands before and during the event and use disinfectants.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Keep a safe distance with other visitors and follow this rule in all indoor spaces.
  • Respect the measures that the organisers of the event are using to avoid the spread of the virus even if they are inconvenient. With common efforts we can stay healthy and are able to enjoy the events.

What proofs are sufficient for participating at an event?

In the interests of safety, only asymptomatic people are allowed at events. Participants must present a valid COVID certificate proving completed vaccination or recovery from the coronavirus. 

  • A valid vaccination certificate which shows that a course of vaccinations has been completed and that no more than a year has passed since the last dose;
  • A valid recovery certificate which shows that the person has recovered from the coronavirus within the past six months and been declared recovered with proof.
  • Participants aged 12-17 (included) can also present a test certificate with a negative result besides a valid vaccination or recovery certificate. The antigen test must be done no more than 48 and the PCR test 72 hours before participating at the event. 
  • Participants younger than 12 are not obligated to present a COVID certificate. 

Show the organiser the certificate and an identity document so that the organiser could check the authenticity, validity and identity of the test or vaccination certificate.

Prefer a digital certificate, though a paper printout is also valid.

When can I go to an event if I got the vaccine shot yesterday?

The sufficient time period that has to pass from the vaccination is different for different vaccines in Estonia.

According to the instructions of the manufacturer, the time of achieving maximum protection is considered to be:

  • for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine Comirnaty, 7 calendar days after the second dose of the vaccine;
  • for the AstraZeneca vaccine Vaxzevria, 15 calendar days after the second dose of the vaccine;
  • for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, 14 calendar days after the second dose of the vaccine;
  • for the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, 14 calendar days after one dose of the vaccine.

Should new COVID-19 vaccines enter the market, the calculation of when the maximum protection is achieved should be based on the instructions of the particular manufacturer. If you have recovered from the disease and been vaccinated with one dose, the maximum protection is also calculated with the abovementioned deadlines in mind.

How to borrow books safely?

Contact free borrowing and return

  • Pick out the books you want, contact the library by e-mail, phone, web page or the application and let them know about your wish.
  • You can receive pre-ordered books from the library during opening hours but without a librarian as a mediator. Several libraries also offer the book box service for receiving books.
  • To return, leave the books into the box designated for that or on the counter.

Regular library visits

  • Make plans on what books you wish to borrow ahead of the visit.
  • Look for information on the internet, for instance on the web pages of books stores, so that you would spend as little time as possible between the library shelves and would have to touch only the books that interest you.
  • Wash your hands before and after the visit and wear a mask while in the library.

Last updated: 15.11.2021