Commerce and catering

Avoid unnecessary trips, keep a distance, adhere to the general hygiene rules and wear a mask. If possible, don’t use cash and prefer accepting deliveries contact free.
Restrictions in force

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and getting infected, to protect the life and health of the people and to ensure the functioning of the society, it is necessary to follow the enacted restrictions and guidelines.

Restrictions in force
The meters of risk level

The main meters are the number on people infected with COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalised. The Government reviews the risk level once a week.

Instructions for how to behave at different risk levels

How to do your shopping as safely as possible?

Ordering groceries and essential goods from an e-store is preferable to visiting a physical store, as this way you can avoid contact with possible virus carriers.

Most of the biggest store chains, sellers of clothing, construction materials and essentials, as well as restaurants and fast food establishments offer ordering through an internet store.

It is possible to order goods on internet for both yourself and other family members who live far away or should not be visited in the interests of safety. Goods bought from an internet store are delivered all over Estonia, either to a parcel machine or by courier. Quite often the delivery is offered for free.

  • Prefer paying at the internet store when buying food and goods, so that you could later accept the delivery from the courier contact free. The couriers also prefer to avoid close contacts, they never come in contact with the food ordered and usually only spend a few minutes at the restaurant when picking up the food deliveries.
  • Add a comment to your order, noting your preference for a contact free delivery and a wish that the courier let you know about his arrival by ringing the doorbell, knocking, or through the order application. It is definitely worth writing down the exact location where the delivery should be left.
  • If it is not possible to organise a contact free transfer of food and other deliveries, wash your hands carefully, wear a mask, and keep a distance of at least two meters with the courier.
  • Wash your hands after accepting the delivery.

How to visit a store safely?

Even when you go to the store physically, you can do quite a lot to protect yourself and others: wear a mask, disinfect your hands, and keep a distance. If there are people who belong to a risk group among your close ones and acquaintances, offer them assistance in buying and delivering food and other essential goods to them.

Before going to the store

  • If visiting the store cannot be avoided, choose a time in the morning or in the afternoon for visiting the store to avoid the crowds of the so-called rush hour.
  • Consider your needs and put together a shopping list ahead of time, so that you could get your purchases done as quickly as possible.
  • Prefer separately standing grocery stores where you can make the necessary purchases quickly.

In the store

  • If possible, visit the store alone.
  • Always disinfect your hands when entering the store, wear a mask, and keep a distance with other visitors.
  • Disinfect your hands after leaving the store as well and wash your hands first thing when you arrive home.


  • Prefer card payments to avoid the spread of the virus through cash.
  • The fastest way of paying is a contactless payment that you can activate and set limits to at the internet bank.
  • Prefer self-service check-out to a regular check-out. If you are using the self-service check-out for the first time, you can get assistance from a service person of the store.

How to visit a restaurant safely?

  • Prefer close-by establishments when planning to visit a restaurant or a catering establishment, keep the circle of participants as small as possible, and book a table ahead.
  • Present a valid COVID certificate. 
  • Prefer catering establishments that adhere to the control measures and make assurances that they care about the health of their customers in every way.
  • Weather permitting, prefer a table on the terrace or in the outdoor area of the restaurant. Indoors, prefer a table that is located as far away as possible from other groups.
  • Disinfect your hands when you go to a restaurant, wear a mask, and wash your hands as often as possible.
  • Keep Bluetooth turned on so that the HOIA app could work.
  • Use card payments, and contactless payments if possible, to reduce contact with cash. If you wish to leave a tip for good service, ask to add that to the card payment as well.

Last updated: 11.11.2021