Consumer rights

You have the right to receive compensation for an event that was cancelled, a service that was not provided, or a trip that did not take place. Before an unavoidable trip make sure to get health insurance that covers medical costs related to any kind of viral infection (excl. if a trip takes place to an area of an epidemic).
Restrictions in force

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and getting infected, to protect the life and health of the people and to ensure the functioning of the society, it is necessary to follow the enacted restrictions and guidelines.

Restrictions in force
The meters of risk level

The main meters are the number on people infected with COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalised. The Government reviews the risk level once a week.

Instructions for how to behave at different risk levels

What do I need to know regarding a postponement of an event, trip or service?

The coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions have put all of us, both the consumers and the entrepreneurs, in an unforeseen situation. Events, services, trips etc. have had to be cancelled due to the situation and reorganising them has brought about a lot of organising and questions.

You have the right to get back the money you have paid in advance for a cancelled event or a service that is not provided. The organiser of the event or the service provider may offer a new date for the event to take place or the service to be provided, offer the possibility to participate in another event that you can enter with the ticket you have purchased, or reimburse the whole cost with a gift card.

Traveller’s rights in case of a travel disruption

When planning a trip, the service provider should be selected very carefully – a trustworthy tour operator saves you from possible later upset and economic losses. This applies to both separate travel services, and package travel consisting of several travel services and connected tour organising services.

The right to have the tickets reimbursed

If the airline cancels the flight, the airline has to offer to reimburse the ticket price to you or other options for reaching your final destination, except for exceptional cases. You have a right to compensation even if you reach the destination three or four hours later due to the delayed flight.

The right to assistance and due care

If the flight is late, delayed or cancelled, the airline has an obligation to take care of you by organising food, accommodation if necessary and the first possible replacement flight.

Can I decide not to take the trip and get the advance payment back?

  • In order to terminate a package tour contract, you have to submit an application to the tour operator before the package trip takes place. You don’t have to pay the contract termination fee if the application has been submitted before the deadline and there are unavoidable or extraordinary circumstances at the destination or its immediate vicinity, significantly affecting the provision of the package tour services or transportation of the passengers to the destination.
  • Circumstances like that are, for instance, war or other security issues, a danger to the person’s health (e.g. a severe outbreak of a disease in the travel destination) and natural disasters that make it impossible to travel to the destination safely in the way the package tour contract provides.

Does insurance cover medical costs if I get sick during the trip?

  • Make sure to get health insurance that is a part of travel insurance ahead of the trip. On the basis of health insurance, the insurances cover medical costs related to any kind of viral infection, as getting sick like that is always unexpected. Getting infected with the coronavirus is thus also considered to be an insurance case. On the basis of health insurance, the costs related to getting infected with the coronavirus are only covered until the moment when an epidemic was called at the travel destination.
  • If you have decided to travel to an area of an epidemic and got infected with the coronavirus there, the medical costs are no longer covered on the basis of health insurance, as you have knowingly put yourself in danger.

Does insurance cover the costs related to the postponement or cancellation of a trip?

  • Whether the travel disruption costs are covered depends on the particular insurance provider and contract conditions. Read the insurance contract conditions carefully before concluding the contract, so that you would be aware of the scope of insurance coverage and the risks.
  • Insurance providers generally do not compensate the losses if a person is already travelling in an area where quarantine is enforced, thus making it impossible for him to return home from the trip on time. The additional costs related to returning home must often be covered by the traveller himself.

What to do if a gift card or a ticket is about to expire?

  • If the gift card of ticket expired during a period when it was not possible to use the service due to restrictions enacted by the state, you have the right to get back the sum paid for the gift card or ticket. Some traders also offer to extend the gift card but that is a matter of coming to an agreement. We recommend putting all these kinds of agreements down in writing.
  • First turn to the trader who issued the gift card. Quite often the instructions on what to do are already published on the web pages of the traders.

Last updated: 11.11.2021