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Crossing the Latvian border for everyday work and study becomes easier

29. April 2021 - 0:00

Stenbock House, 29 April 2021 – The government approved an amendment that will allow the Estonian–Latvian border to be crossed daily with the requirement of only one coronavirus test per week from Monday, 3 May, for work or study. The test must be negative or the person must be declared non-infectious. The rule applies to people who cross the Estonian–Latvian border more than twice a week. The exception was made with the aim of alleviating the situation of entrepreneurs and employees in the Võrumaa region.

In accordance with the amendment, a person who crosses the state border to enter Estonia for work or study at least twice a week will be required to take only one coronavirus test within seven days. Without the test, a person may also cross the border for work and study if they have had COVID-19 in the last six months or if they are vaccinated.

Currently, when crossing the Estonian–Latvian state border, the usual regulation applies, whereby to shorten the 10-day self-isolation period, a negative test must be performed after crossing the border to be able to perform unavoidable work tasks. This regulation means that people crossing the Estonian–Latvian border for work or study must take two to three tests each week, which is time and resource consuming.
Both the employee and the employer must continue to follow all COVID-19 safety rules, such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask, complying with disinfection requirements, and staying sick at home.
The Government Communication Unit will publish the order and the explanatory memorandum on the website