The government allocates an additional 15 million euros to finance coronavirus testing

19.11.2021 | 15:21

The government is allocating an additional ten million euros from the special-purpose reserve to continue extensive PCR coronavirus testing. An additional five million euros from the supplementary budget of this year will be used to conduct the testing.
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Tanel Kiik, Minister of Health and Labour, noted that despite the extensive vaccination, the need for PCR testing has largely increased this year due to the aggressively spreading delta variant. “In ten months, the state has already spent more than 95% or 43.2 million euros of the planned budget on coronavirus,” said Kiik. “In order to quickly break the chains of infection and manage the epidemic, we must continue extensive testing and cover the costs in the amount of 15 million euros incurred by the Health Board until the end of the year.”

The minister also noted that the government must consider the need for large-scale PCR testing and antigen testing also next year, while the need for extensive testing can be reduced most effectively by vaccination.

In order to allocate the reserve funds of the government to the Health Board, the budget of state compensation for the second pension pillar, which was planned as a larger amount than necessary, will be reduced by ten million euros. To cover the additional five million euros, the surplus of this year’s supplementary budget resulting from the funds planned for the purchase of vaccines will be allocated to the Health Board.

The government also agreed that the cost of 0.35 million euros of COVID-19 medicines purchased by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and sent to hospitals will be additionally covered by the government reserve.

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