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With the government decision, all employees and visitors to nursing homes must wear protective masks

10. September 2020 - 0:00

Stenbock House, 10 September 2020 – The government approved the decision requiring nursing home staff and visitors to wear protective masks. The requirement to wear masks shall enter into force on Monday, 14 September.

‘We currently find ourselves in an epidemiological situation in Estonia where the coronavirus is spreading primarily among younger people, and fortunately there have been no serious consequences as of late. At the same time, we must do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable among our population from COVID-19 – the elderly, whose living environment and safety are taken care of by other people’, said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. ‘At the same time I am calling on all people to behave responsibly, to keep all our people within risk groups safe. Not just the elderly, but also the chronically ill. Let’s care about each other and not give the virus another opportunity to wreak havoc.’

In addition, members of the government decided that they would discuss questions concerning the spread of COVID-19 more frequently, agreeing to meet twice a week. This means that, in addition to the regular Thursday cabinet meetings, members of the government would also meet on Tuesday mornings, starting on 22 September.

‘Compared to the summer months the virus has once again begun to spread in greater numbers, and the government must discuss COVID-19 issues more operatively in order to exchange information and, if necessary, react more quickly’, said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. ‘It is important for us to keep our society open and functioning, while responding quickly and with adequate measures when needed.’