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Public order

During the emergency situation, Estonian police has the right to apply additional limitations, according to the circumstances. The possible limitations include but are not limited to, movement and gathering rules, public events and meetings. In addition, it is allowed for the police to use force and other more unconventional methods to avoid danger.


Emergency services & police will make it to the ones in need


The arrival times for emergency services are the same as during everyday life. An emergency situation does not change the arrival time of the police or emergency personnel. Police will react to all emergency calls, as usual.

Limitations on alcohol sales


Restaurants and hospitality industry are not allowed to serve alcohol from 22:00 to 10:00. We hope that the set of limitations will reduce the number of calls, caused by the overconsumption of alcohol and thereby allow to direct all available resources to fight the COVID-19 disease.

Public gatherings are prohibited.


All public gatherings are prohibited. It is allowed to walk outside, given that a person is healthy. While doing that you should still keep a reasonable distance with others and follow hygiene guidelines.


Information from other authorities.


You can find valid and official information regarding the Emergency Situation and the limitations and activities deriving from it, from the websites of Estonian state authorities. 

Webpages of governmental authorities will provide instructions and advice as well as frequently asked questions.




    Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

    The website provides information regarding border controls, health declarations at the border, public order and personal identification documents. Read more »

  • Estonian Rescue Board

    The website provides information about rescue board during the state of emergency. Loen lähemalt »

  • Defence Forces of Republic of Estonia

    The dedicated website of Estonian Defence Forces provides information how emergency situation influences conscripts, Defence Forces and Defence League. Read more »

  • Prisons

    The dedicated website of prisons provides information regarding additional restrictions and modifications during the emergency situation. Readmore »


Last updated: 24 March 2020