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Public services and everyday life

Due to an ever-changing situation, majority of us probably feel rather confused. Rightfully so, questions about storing sufficient amount of food, public transport and commuting in general, commuting between the mainland and islands, waste and waste management and sustainable providing of social services have arisen.


Information from other authorities.


You can find valid and official information regarding the Emergency Situation and the limitations and activities deriving from it, from the websites of Estonian state authorities.

Webpages of governmental authorities will provide instructions and advice as well as frequently asked questions.


  • Health Board

    The website provides information about the coronavirus, its prevention, cure and spread. You can also read about personal protective equipment. Read more »

  • Ministry of the Environment

    The website provides information about recycling and restrictions. Read more »

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

    The website provides information about public transportation arrangements. Read more »

  • Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

    The website provides information regarding border controls, health declarations at the border, public order and personal identification documents. Read more. Read more »


Last updated: 23 September 2021