Verification of COVID certificates

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, events, gatherings, leisure and sports activities, catering and trade establishments, as well as travel are subject to the obligation to verify the infection safety of visitors or attendees. This means that participants in events or activities and people going abroad must present a valid COVID certificate.
Restrictions in force

In order to avoid the spread of the virus and getting infected, to protect the life and health of the people and to ensure the functioning of the society, it is necessary to follow the enacted restrictions and guidelines.

Restrictions in force
The meters of risk level

The main meters are the number on people infected with COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalised. The Government reviews the risk level once a week.

Instructions for how to behave at different risk levels

The COVID certificate must be presented

For most organised activities, such as:

  • public meetings
  • conferences
  • theatre performances
  • concerts, including church concerts
  • cinema screenings
  • sporting, training
  • sporting competitions and sports and exercise events
  • youth work and recreational activities
  • hobby education, refresher training, and refresher courses
  • eating at a catering establishment
  • entertainment services
  • nightclubs, casinos, pool halls
  • children’s playrooms
  • religious services with more participants than is allowed with the limit
  • museums and exhibition halls
  • water parks, swimming pools, saunas, spas
  • etc.

In public spaces where the COVID certificate is required, the certificate must be presented by all customers or participants from the age of 18.

People aged 12-17 must also present a COVID certificate to participate in controlled activities. As an exception, test certificates are also accepted in their case. 

Minors do not have to present a COVID certificate when participating in extracurricular activities, youth work, professional training and refresher training or when engaging in sports and exercise.

The COVID certificate does not have to be presented

In trade and service institutions and state and local government agencies where it is not reasonable to require the certificate, for example:

  • shops
  • pharmacies
  • service halls of a telecommunications company or bank
  • post offices
  • libraries
  • service halls of the Police and Border Guard Board, the Estonian National Social Insurance Board, or the Health Insurance Fund
  • etc.

In addition, participants do not have to prove their infection safety: 

  • for outdoor events with an unlimited territory
  • in public transport
  • at church services and other public religious services where the number of participants indoors does not exceed 50 people (100 outdoors) or the occupancy of the room is up to 50 per cent.

Everyone from the age of 12 must wear a mask in public indoor spaces where the COVID certificate is not required.

What does the organiser have to do?

  • The organiser must verify the certificates of all participants.
  • The organiser must inform the participants before entering the building or the territory whether their certificate will be checked.

How to verify the COVID certificate?

To verify COVID certificates, you need Internet and a smart device with the camera turned on and enabled. The certificate verification application works in the most common web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

  • Go to the website You can type the address into your browser or use the standard QR code reader to read the small QR code at the bottom of the certificate.
  • Press the ‘Alusta tõendi kontrollimist’ button and use the scanner to read the large QR code at the top of the COVID certificate.
  • You will be shown the validity and details of the certificate.
  • Check that the certificate and the identity document of the person contain the same information.
  • If the data matches and the infection safety of the person has been proven, they will be allowed to participate in the event or activity.

Which COVID certificates can I use?

  • The digital COVID test certificate, vaccination certificate, or recovery certificate of the European Union. It can be presented digitally on a smart device or printed out and presented on paper.
  • A printout of an officially certified database of another country can also be used as the certificate.
  • Vaccination against COVID-19 can also be proven on paper with the yellow vaccination passport.

Validity of the certificates

  • You can create a COVID recovery certificate from the 11th day after taking a positive test and the certificate is valid for half a year from the positive test. After that, you should get vaccinated with a single dose so you can start using the vaccination certificate.
  • You can create a digital vaccination certificate as soon as information on the vaccination has been uploaded to the health information system. The certificate is valid for 12 months from that moment.
  • You can create a digital COVID test certificate after the test result has been uploaded to the patient portal. The certificate is valid for 72 hours for a PCR test and 48 hours for a rapid antigen test.

Last updated: 10.11.2021