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Summer camps, trainings, hobby education, youth centres

What are the rules for providers of hobby activities and informal education?

Starting from May 31, indoor hobby activities and informal education is allowed for up to 200 people and starting from June 14 for up to 600 people; the dispersion requirement and the maximum 50% occupancy requirement must be taken into account throughout. It is obligatory to wear a mask indoors. The mask requirement does not apply to children under the age of 12 or in cases where it is not possible for health considerations, due to the nature of the activity or for other substantial reasons.

Starting from May 31 up to 250 people and starting from June 14 upto 1000 people may participate in outdoor events.

What rules apply to athletes arriving from third countries?

Third country nationals who are participating in international high level competitions or who are directly connected with organising sports competitions are able to carry out their professional tasks after arriving in Estonia if they have done at least one COVID-19 test with negative results after entering the country, or if a doctor has declared that the person is not an infection risk.

If these athletes would not have a chance to participate because of the restrictions, it would notably lower the level of competition compared to previous years, and might also decrease the athletes' interest in taking part of the competition in the following years.


Last updated: 3 June 2021