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Travelling abroad from Estonia

Travelling abroad

May I cross the border?

It is not advisable to travel abroad right now, except to the European countries where the rate of infection per 100,000 persons is 16 or less over the period of previous 14 days, and when returning from such a trip it is not obligatory to remain in quarantine.

When travelling, take the following into account:

  • Before travelling to a foreign country get to know the conditions for entering the country of destination: find out whether you will be allowed into the country. When in doubt, contact the Border Guard /Immigration Services of the destination country.

  • If you have to travel through any other country to reach your destination, find out the transit rules of those countries as well.

  • Take into account that in order to limit the spread of the corona virus, the states can unexpectedly restrict the conditions for entering their country and travelling within that country. You might have to remain in quarantine in a foreign country and getting home could be very complicated, sometimes impossible.

What to consider when travelling with a pet?

Firstly, consider that travelling in not recommended right now. Many countries have set restrictions to crossing their border due to the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, before going on a trip with a pet, find out what conditions currently apply in the country of destination and the transit country or countries.

Information on travel restrictions from the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information on travelling with a pet from the web page of the Veterinary and Food Board.

I wish to travel abroad. How can I get information about entry to other countries?

Information about entry conditions to other countries can be found on the website Reisi Targalt (Travel Smart):

When travelling, it is advisable to observe the following:

  • Before planning a trip, check the information about the infection rate of the country of destination on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Find information on possible travel restrictions in the country of destination - for information check the Reisi Targalt website, ReOpen portal of the European Union, and for further information contact the representation of your country of destination.
  • Register your trip on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reisi Targalt website, so we could inform you about possible travel restrictions.
  • Follow the recommendations of the Health Board for a safe flight (PDF) to maintain your health and the health of other people - if you have any symptoms, delay the trip and contact your family doctor.
  • Purchase travel insurance and familiarise yourself with all the conditions (including any travel disruptions caused by COVID-19).
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities in the country of stay and find out about possible new restrictions.
  • Follow the rules in force in Estonia when returning from your trip, monitor your health condition and contact your family doctor in case of suspicion of the virus.
  • We draw attention to the fact that any country may change the conditions for entry and stay in the country with a short notice. For more detailed information on the conditions of the country of destination, we recommend contacting the foreign representation or the relevant authorities of that country.


Estonia – The Nordic Countries

If a person comes from Finland to Estonia to attend a funeral of a family member or a friend, do they need to remain in isolation in Estonia, or can they go back to Finland and remain in isolation upon return?

They do not have to remain in isolation in either country, but they should keep their contacts with other people to a minimum.

Before travelling to Finland, read the rules for return.

Will maritime traffic continue between Estonia and Finland or Estonia and Sweden?

Maritime traffic continues partially, but you should always check with the shipping line if this specific route is operational.


Estonia – Russia

What does the closure of Russian borders mean? Can I visit my relatives? I live in Estonia, but currently I am visiting in Russia, am I able to return home?

The decision of the Russian Government concerns all border crossing points for vehicles, railways and pedestrians, including crossing Narva-Ivangorod border crossing point on foot. Derogations have been established for Russian citizens, and members of their family returning to Russia, but the derogation applies only to entry, not exit. If you are a Russian citizen, and you reside in Estonia with a residence permit, then you can enter Russia but please take into account, that based on the information received from the Russian Border Authority, Russian citizens will not be allowed to leave Russia.

Estonian and EU citizens and stateless persons (with Alien´s passport) are still allowed to leave Russia. However, the situation may change very quickly, and our recommendation is to return to Estonia as soon as possible. Border crossing is allowed for carriage of goods and for attending a funeral of a close relative.

Which transport connections are running between Russia – to St. Petersburg, Moscow. Are trains and buses running?

Taking into the spread of the coronavirus, the departures of the Tallinn-St.Peterburg-Moscow train have been temporarily suspended as of March 20, and tickets already purchased can be returned. The decision to stop the train traffic was taken by the Russian Railways to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of passengers.

The Estonian Railway invites passengers who purchased the ticket to contact the customer service of the company Go Rail ticketing agency at: +372 631 0044, e-mail: traveld[at]gorail[dot]ee,

According to information from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, carriers have also stopped service on long-distance lines headed to Russia.


Estonia – Latvia


Working abroad

Exceptionally, could an Estonian citizen / resident with a job in Russian territory cross the border for work?

No, the Russian Government does not provide for such a distinction.

Is there a specific authority in Russia that businesses can turn to for requests for border crossing exemptions?

No. The order of the Russian Government does not provide for any exceptions of the admission requirements and consequently there is no specific authority to apply for.

I am an Estonian citizen, arriving from a foreign country. Can I cross the state border?

Estonian citizens and residents of Estonia with a residence permit or right of residence, including holders of grey passports will be allowed to enter Estonia.


Last updated: 16 July 2020