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Travelling, commercial freight

Special regime established at the Estonian state border. Anyone entering Estonia has to provide information about their travel itinerary, travel companions, any possible contact with a person showing the COVID-19 symptoms and your current health situation.




  • Cruises or leisure travel

    No cruises or leisure travel will take place on Tallinn-Stockholm ferry lines.

  • Restriction for foreign nationals

    Entry to Estonia for foreign nationals is still restricted. However, people arriving from a member state of the European Union, the Schengen Area, or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are allowed to cross the Estonian state border. A person may enter the Republic of Estonia if they have no symptoms of illness and have stayed in those countries for the last 14 days, which is the incubation period of COVID-19.


    Upon arrival in Estonia, a person must be in quarantine for 10 days if they have arrived from a country where the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants has been more than 150 in the last 14 days. Persons coming from a country with a smaller number of infected persons are not required to follow the restrictions on the freedom of movement. The details of information regarding border crossing are continuously updated, and updated information is available on the website of the Police and Border Guard and the Ministry of Forgein Affairs.



  • Exeptions

    People are allowed to enter Estonia and do not have to follow the restrictions on the freedom of movement if they have no symptoms of the disease and they had the same rights before.  For example, freight and raw materials transporters, people involved in international cargo and passenger transport, people involved in the technical work of a company operating in Estonia, health care providers, diplomats, people arriving within the framework of international military cooperation, and people with special permits to enter.

    The citizens of Latvia and Lithuania, the holder of a residence permit or right of residence of these countries, can also enter Estonia and do not have to stay at home if they display no symptoms of the disease.

    Finnish citizens, holders of residence permits or people with rights of residence in Finland, who come to Estonia to work, study or visit for family reasons, such as meeting with a close relative, funeral, weddings, case of illness, are allowed to enter Estonia.



  • Transit through Estonia

    ​A foreign national who is in Estonia for transit to reach their home country can travel through Estonia provided they have no symptoms of the disease.

  • People who have been required to self-isolate or stay in quarantine need to comply with the established requirement until the end of the specified deadline. 



Information from other authorities.


You can find valid and official information regarding the Emergency Situation and the limitations and activities deriving from it, from the websites of Estonian state authorities.

Webpages of governmental authorities will provide instructions and advice as well as frequently asked questions.



    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The website provides information regarding travel and Estonian Representations’ opening times. Read more »

  • Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

    The website provides information regarding consumer protection, travel insurance, e-commerce etc. Read more »

  • Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

    The website provides information regarding border controls, health declarations at the border, public order and personal identification documents. Read more »


Last updated: 24 March 2021