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Travelling to Estonia - Estonian citizens and residents

How do I get to Estonia

I managed to get plane tickets back to Estonia. What should I consider when I travel back to Estonia now? Should I do something differently than usual?

We recommend going to the airport early and being one of the first to check into the flight.

I am planning to stay in a foreign country for the duration of the crisis. What should I take into account?

If you are sure that you can cope well and stay safe in a foreign country during the crisis, you do not have to return. You will need to consider the following aspects when making your decision:

  • You might have to stay for quite a long time at your current location.

  • Your country of stay might enforce additional restrictions, accommodation services and catering establishments might close, seasonal work opportunities might disappear.

  • Make sure you comply with all the requirements for legal stay in the country (check whether you need a visa or an extension for a visa, residence permit, registration at the Immigration Office, etc.). Ask for information about the requirements from the Immigration Office, or the Estonian Embassy.

  • if you decide to return to Estonia, contact an Estonian travel agency.

I am currently in a foreign country, and I would like to come back home but I have no money. Tickets are also expensive. What can I do?

First, contact your family and friends. If they cannot help you, you should contact your local government.

If you cannot find a solution, call +372 5301 9999, but please take into account that state support is only possible in cases of extreme emergency.



I am in the US, my visa/ESTA is about to expire but I cannot find flights back. What should I do?

If you are in the US with a visa, you have to fill out forms I-539 and I-912 (both can be found at [] with explanations as to why you could not leave in time. If the date of validity of your visa is about to expire in the coming days, you should contact the US Citizenship and Immigration Services []


Last updated: 16 June 2020