Restrictions in Estonia

to battle the

COVID-19 virus.


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Handling the

COVID-19 crisis.



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COVID-19 Vaccination

Official information about

COVID-19 vaccination

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Mobile app HOIA

Download HOIA app.

The app notifies you,

when you have been

in close contact with

an infected person.


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Compensation Measures

Information about

applying for

compensation measures.


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Hotline provides

information about the

emergency situation

in Estonia.




Mental health

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It is important to take care of your mental health during the coronavirus crisis. Set daily routines, take care of your physical health and sleeping, talk to your friends and close ones and of course have the courage to ask for and seek help when you need it!


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How can I help

Peaminister Jüri Ratas



If you are healthy, and you wish to volunteer and help people in need, start with supporting those nearby you. Follow official initiatives and use trusted channels to find volunteering opportunities.



Contact information


(+372) 600 1247

or 1247

Hotline for coronavirus

(+372) 634 6630

Medical advice (answers in English every day from 3-5 pm)

(+372) 5301 9999

Hotline for consular assistance (24h)


Emergeny line for ambulance, police and rescue






Wash your hands

Hands should be washed with soap under running water, hand disinfectants should be used if needed.


Wear a mask and observe good respiratory hygiene

If you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a single use tissue. Wash your hands. If you do not have a tissue, use your sleeve (the inside of your elbow), but do not use your bare hand.


Avoid contact

Avoid contact with people. A distance of at least two metres must be kept with others, except for families.


Seek help

If you have a fever, are coughing and experiencing difficulty breathing, seek help in a timely manner. Call your general practitioner or call hotline at 1220.


1. Stay at home!


2. Contact your family physician.


3. 10 days self-isolation

Anyone who has come into close contact with a COVID-19 case must stay at home for ten days after the day on which they experienced that close contact.

4. COVID-19 test

Following this, a COVID-19 test can be undertaken on the tenth day. Further information about this opportunity will be provided via an automated call from the Health Board or by text message or email.

5. Monitor your health!

6. Notify
If you experience any symptoms, please immediately notify your family physician or call the family physician advisory line on 1220.



1. Stay at home!


2. The Health Board will call you as soon as possible.

Please check the questions which the Health Board will ask you »
Please think about your responses before the call takes place.


3. Contact your family physician.


4. Seek help

If your condition deteriorates, contact your family physician or call the family physician advisory line on 1220.


5. Follow the rules for hand and respiratory hygiene.


6. HOIA app

If possible, use the HOIA app to highlight yourself as having been infected.