SPECIAL NOTICE: The emergency situation will come to an end at midnight of May 18, the restrictions will be eased gradually

16.05.2020 | 23:14

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Tallinn, May 16, 2020 – The Government held an e-session to approve the end of the emergency situation in Estonia by the end of the day of Sunday, May 17. Therefore, the respective orders issued by the Government and the person in charge of the emergency situation are repealed. The restrictions imposed during the emergency situation will be gradually eased and a new legal bases will be provided. The most important movement restriction, i.e. 2+2 rule, remains in force. After the end of the emergency situation, the health care emergency remains in force in Estonia.

The Government decided to end the emergency situation due to the fact that the rate of the spread of COVID-19 virus in Estonia is in decline, as confirmed by the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Group, advising the Government Committee, and the Health Board.

The need to extend the emergency situation is no longer necessary as the amendments of relevant laws ensured sufficient basis for both the Government and Government authorities to promptly re-establish measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease, if necessary.

“The reasonable and responsible behaviour of our people makes it possible to end the emergency situation in Estonia this week. Our joint effort has allowed us to return to a more regular life,” said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. “At the same time, we must remain alert, so that the spread of the virus will not get out of control in the future. This means that the emergency situation comes to an end, but several restrictions will remain in force. This is essential to prevent a new outbreak of the disease,” emphasised the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also called upon the people not to lose vigilance against the threat of COVID-19 outbreaks. “The government confirmed during today´s session easing of restrictions under special conditions, which will be applied gradually after the end of the emergency situation. We should continue to act responsibly, so we would not have to retract the easing of restrictions. It is very important to abide by the 2+2 rule in order to protect Estonia from the threat of COVID-19 outbreak and from new restrictive measures.”

According to the decision taken at the session, the Orders of the Government of the Republic of Estonia Nos 76, 77, 80, 97 and 106 related to the emergency situation have been repealed.

The remaining restrictions are re-established by new government regulations, which were also approved at today's session. The information regarding the new regulations will be provided as soon as possible.

The media publications must publish the orders related to the end of the emergency situation. The Government Communications Unit will forward the formal information to the media.

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